CLI-C LAB APAC - 1st Edition

Serie of 2 webinars
April 01st | July 08th

CLI-C LAB APAC - 1st Edition

CLI-C LAB APAC is a webinar in English in its first edition.

Each edition can have a different number of sessions and different KOLs, but the purpose is the same: to share skills and knowledge about CLI therapy.

Scientific program

First session - April 01, 2022
Second session - July 08, 2022

Unrestricted sponsoring

Scientific committee


Dr Marco Giuseppe Manzi - Interventional Radiologist CLI-Courses

Marco Manzi

MD, Interventional Radiologist
Policlinico di Abano Terme - Padua, Italy 
Dr. Marco Manzi is an Interventional Radiologist with extensive experience in treating CLTI. He has been teaching distal revascularisation since 2001 and he is currently the director of the Interventional Radiology Unit at Policlinico Abano Terme (PD), Italy. He is a member of several international medical societies and author of more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. He has been an invited faculty member and live operator at leading medical congresses in Europe, Middle East, ASIA and the United States, including Cardiovascular and lnterventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE), Leipzig lnterventional Course (LINC), Veith, ISET, Charing Cross and many others.
Dr.  Manzi  - Biography
Dr Mariano Palena - Interventional Radiologist CLI-Courses

Mariano Palena

MD, Interventional Radiologist
Policlinico di Abano Terme - Padua, Italy 
Dr. Mariano Palena is an Interventional Radiologist with a broad history in treating CLTI. He is currently consultant at Policlinico Abano Terme (PD) Italy, and he is also actively engaged in advances clinical research of the endovascular treatment of lower limb arterial disease and the treatment of diabetic foot with a specific focus on the treatment of chronical arterial occlusions as well as of the femoral, tibial and foot arteries. He is author of several articles, chapters and abstracts on advanced and cutting edge techniques for the revascularization of the vessels of legs and feet.
Dr.  Palena  - Biography



Linh Dinh

Interventional Cardiologist

Saritphat Orrapin

Vascular Surgeon

Chong Tze Tec

Vascular Surgeon
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