CLI-C On Air July 2020

Scientific program

1st Session
2nd Session
3rd Session
4th Session

July 02, 09.00 am - 11.00 am CEST

First Session

Role of debulking in calcified lesion: rotational atherectomy.
Operator: Marco Manzi

Parallel flash presentation by Steven Kum
Why a double therapy, debulking and deb, could be better than a single one.

Parallel flash presentation by Roberto Candelari
IVUS role in the Critical Limb Ischemia Revascularization

July 02, 04.00 pm - 06.00 pm CEST

Second Session

Flash Presentation by Koen Deloose
Case report Navicross 0.18

Distal revascularization in CLI patient. The New 0.18 Navicross support catheter.
Operator: Mariano Palena

Flash Presentation by Marco Manzi
The use of Co2 in CLI. Fantasy or real option?

July 09, 09.00 am - 11.00 am CEST

Third Session

How to obtain sustainable long-term patient outcomes in lower limbs. A closer look at sizing, protection and drug eluting devices
Chair: Marco Manzi

Optimizing patient results: simplyfying sizing decisions with mimetic implantsmy.
Operator: Mariano Palena

Flash presentation by Hani Zayed
Protect the foot: when and how to use embolic protection in the lower limbs

Flash presentation by Jos C. Van Den Berg
Looking for optimal BTK long-term patient outcomes –
where are we today and where do we want to go?

July 09, 04.00 pm - 06.00 pm CEST

Fourth Session

Calcium matters: AT occlusion and bifurcation:
Could shockwave treatment make the difference ?
Operator: Marco Manzi

Flash presentation by George Adams

Fighting agains calcium in BTK segment. The Intravascular Lithotripsy strategy
Operator: Mariano Palena

Stealth360 - Vessel compliance change through differential sanding and pulsating force
Operator: Mariano Palena

Flash Presentation by Andrea Casini
Does calcium matter? DVA: When and how.

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